DIY Shed – The Best Way To Build Your Own Shed

diy shedBuilding your own DIY shed could be a challenging and very rewarding project. Imagine the pride you feel showing it off to friends, family and neighbors. It doesn’t just serve its practical uses but also gives you great satisfaction in accomplishing such a challenging task.

One of the key driving forces that we have is mastery at something we know we are able to do well. If you are like me, then you simply can’t wait to get your creative juices flowing and start planning and building out the DIY shed that you’ve had in mind.

Having a good plan definitely saves you a lot of heartache and minimizes the odds of turning your exciting new DIY shed project into a nightmare. We don’t want that! So follow a few guidelines and you’ll be doing just fine.

1. Dimensions – Determine the spot you will be building on and the size you need the shed to be.

2. Sketch out your plan – Do a rough sketch of what you want. Some home improvement stores can take your rough sketch and draft up your shed plans according to the specs you give them. They can also supply you with a list of materials and a guide on executing your DIY shed plan step by step. diy shed

3. Get your materials – Once you have your completed list of materials and plans, its time to get all the materials you will need to complete your DIY shed project.

4. Clear out the area where you will build the shed. Level the ground and prepare it for the foundation. Decide if you want to use wood plank flooring or a concrete slab.

5. Side walls – Construct the walls on the ground then lift them into position after building them.

6. Roof – Its time to build your trusses. Construct the first one and use that as a guide to build the rest.

7. End Walls – Your storage shed should now be taking shape, build the end walls according to how you had it designed on your plans.

8. Trim – This gives your shed the finished look and is just as important as the rest of your structure.

9. Shingles – Apply the shingles for the roof then go ahead and start treating the wood to give it a protective coating from the elements or from rotting. You can use paint or varnish.

Enjoy your new shed!

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