Guard Your Hardwood Coverings

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If you’re interested in installing or refinishing hardwoods, you should always look
to a professional, or at least accept some professional advice. But once the project is
complete, how do you maintain the overall look of your newly finished floors?

Whether you’re a homeowner, school superintendant, or the owner of a local drama
theater, you’re hardwoods require constant maintenance and care. Here are a few
easy steps for promoting longevity.

First and foremost, keep your floors clear of dirt and grime. Of course, this will
detract from appearance and make your room look sloppy. This added layer of dirt,
small stones or grit can act as sandpaper. The more you walk around on the floor,
the more likely you are to create scratches that can slowly evolve into more evident
damage. Don’t be cheap; invest in a brook or soft mop that can easily take care of a
little extra dirt. Also, it may be wise to invest into a steam cleaner, which can save
you many steps.

Secondly, and most importantly, avoid moisture and spills. Water and other liquids
have the potential to seriously harm your hardwood floors. And if they aren’t
cleaned up in an appropriate amount of time, they’ll leave dark spots and eventually
cause your floors to warp. As far as cleaning goes, it’s typically recommended to
steam or mop your hardwoods with water. Although, don’t overdo it, and certainly
make sure to dry any spots that remain wet for more than 15 minutes. This is
especially true for people that are looking for a more natural finish. This natural
finish typically means that there aren’t as many coats of finish or gloss, leaving less
protection. For shinier floors, there are certain cleaners that are acceptable.

Last, but not least, always keep your furniture and heavy items scratch resistance.
There are some easy ways to prevent this type of thing from happening:

Use an area Rug

An area rug will keep a good deal of your heavy furniture off of the sensitive

Furniture Pads

Furniture Pads are recommended always. Even if you already have an area rug, you
should still take the time to install pads. These are very susceptible to falling off. It’s
important to pay close attention to this as scratches can be formed very quickly.

Leg Waxing

Waxing wooden legs is also another preventative measure from avoiding scratches
or damage.


Sometimes it’s easy enough to just install wheels on your heavy home furnishings.
If you have wheels however, you should still avoid pushing too much as it has the
potential to still cause damage.

It’s not always practical to invest in more expensive coverings. The above are some
of the easiest ways to meet the challenge of maintaining your hardwoods.

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