How To Bend Wood To Make Furniture

This 4 minute video will show you how to bend wood that you can use to create furniture.

Materials used: table saw, wood, bending form, several clamps, roller and pine glue.

This particular bend is called a bent lamination where you create several pieces of wood strips an eight of an inch thick, use multiple layer strip bent around a form with glue in beween each wood strip which is then clamped down to the foirm so when the glue dries the wood retains the shape.

The video demonstrates:

  • How to create the form
  • The best way to rip the wood strips an eight of an inch thick
  • How to glue your stips
  • How to clamp your strips to the form
  • How to avoid clamp marks, dents or dark marks on your strips

If everything goes right, you should have a nice consistent curve the shape of your form.

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