Woodworking Beginner – Tips Before You Start Your Beginner Woodworking Projects

Are you a woodworking beginner looking for beginner woodworking projects? Here are things you should know before you start any project. Plus ideas you can work on right now to get you started. These videos will show you a few basics your need to know before you start on that first project.

(Video 1) Things You Should Know When Working With Wood (4 min)

This video shows you safety tips by using eye, ear and feet protection. Make sure you do not have any dangling jewelry, objects, long hair etc that could get caught up in equipment.

Shows how to: Milling the wood, joining, plaining and ripping wood.

(Video 2) How to Seal Wood Furniture (1:35 min)

This video will show you how to seal (your furniture) the wood by brushing or spraying on a depth sealer and letting it dry for approximately 20 minutes.

Important Tip when sealing wood furniture: Always wear a respirator.

(Video 3) How To Strip A Finish Of A Piece Of Wooden Furniture (3 min)

Materials used: paint thinner, paint remover, respirator, gloves, steel wool, rags, wire brush, sand paper

First remove old buildup on the furniture using a wire brush and air compressor. Apply a paint thinner or paint remover to remove more old paint using the steel wool. Use a scraper on areas that are tougher to strip.

(Video 4) How To Setup Your Wood Shop (2:44 min)

Determine what kind of tools you will need and some tips on organizing your workspace. Safety and cleaning tips to make your wood shop easy to use.

(Video 5) Learning about Different Types of Wood (3:14 min)

This video shows how to decide on which types of wood to use in your woodwork project. When beginning woodworking projects, the first thing you need to do is pick the right wood for the job. Different types of wood like walnutm beechwood, ash, maple, white pine and mahogany. Discover rare types of wood you can use in your projects like bubinga and zebra.

If you need ideas for your projects such as plans for furniture, bed plans, table plans, chair plans or children’s woodworking plans, visit our woodworking ideas page where you can download the right plans for your project needs.

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