Woodworking Blog – How To Set Up Your Own Blog To Showcase Your Woodwork

Create Your Blog in 5 Minutes With 2 Easy Step by Step Instructions.

There are numerous options for showcasing your woodwork via blogs and if your on a tight budget, you can even create your blogs for free using blogger.com, tumblr or a bunch or other free blog services you can find online.

However Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Blog Hosted With Your Own Domain Name Using WordPress.

1. It’s Super Easy.

2. It’s Very Affordable. You can get your own personal domain name and host it for as cheap as $5-$8/month.

3. Professional Look And Great For Branding. For the price of dinner, you can have your own professional looking blog ready to showcase your best work, attract customers and grow your fan base of buyers. The blog and brand by itself could be a growing asset to your business over time.

4. Control. With free sites you don’t really own your blog, the provider does. You do not want to work hard to grow your blog and your audience only to have it shut down because of some change of rules on your free blog’s provider. And if your thinking of trying a free site then transfering it later to your own domain, you run the risk of loosing a lot of followers because of the brand and website address change. It will be like starting over, so do it right the first time.

5. Search Engines Love Blogs. They get indexed and ranked fast, specially if you constantly update your site with fresh valuable content. That’s free traffic of potential fans and buyers.

6. Search Engines Love WordPress Blogs and it is super easy to set up with a lot of free plug ins available to customize your site however you want. Ok that’s 6 reasons but you get the point. And don’t worry if you don’t know anything about plug ins or even what wordpress is. We will make all that clear in this step by step guide and more in future posts.

Ok, With that said. Let me show you how to create your blog from scratch within 5 minutes.

It’s easier than you think. Don’t worry, we will detail every single step here so you can do everything yourself.

2 Easy Steps In A Nutshell:

Step 1 – Get A Domain Name And Hosting For Your Blog

Step 2 – Install Your Blog In Just A Few Clicks

Lets get started!

STEP ONE – Get A Domain Name And Hosting For Your Blog

If your hosting provider has Fantastico De Lux then installing a WordPress blog will take just a few clicks. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, we will detail two options with that feature and walk you through each of the steps.


Quick Tips On Choosing A Good Host

1. Test their support – Make sure you are able to reach them via phone, chat or email and take note of their response time.

2. Uptime reliability and reputation – Do they have a lot of satisfied customers?

3. Scalable – Do they have everything you need to grow.

4. Price – Competitive pricing for quality and reliable service.

Two great hosting service that meet these criteria and have easy install Fantastico De Lux are Hostgator and Bluehost. The process is very similar for setting up in either host but we’ll walk you through each one in detail.

First lets take a look at Hostgator

hosting cost: starting at $4.95/mo

Get an extra $9.94 Discount using coupon code: getgatordiscount
just copy and paste in that code into the coupon box on Step 1 where you choose a domain name.
If you choose the smallest plan or anything below $9.94, your total inital cost will be .01¢

You can see the final amount after you apply the code before you check out.


1. Lets get started. Go To Hostgator here. Click on the web hosting plans button to choose a hosting plan


2. If you’re only planning on hosting one domain name, go ahead and choose the Hatchling plan and click the Order Now button.


Copy and paste the discount code: getgatordiscount

to get $9.94 Off your purchase. (Note, any plan below $9.94 will still charge a penny as your total cost. This discount will only apply to hosting cost and not to domain name purchase.)

You will see the final amount on the next page.

Tips In Choosing Your Domain Name:

A. Having your targeted keywords on your domain name will help in having it ranked on the search engines.

B. If you are more conserned with branding then go ahead and have a catchy domain that is easy for people to remember.

3. Type in the domain name that you want and choose the appropriate extention (whether you want a .com, .net, .org etc) and click Continue To Step 2


4. Choose the billing cycle option you prefer. The price goes down on longer term billing cycles and goes up for month to month payments.

5. Fill in the rest of your details on the form to finish your hosting purchase. You will get an email with all the information you will need to use your host.

Thats it your done. Easy huh?

STEP TWO – Install Your WordPress Blog

Now lets open the email we received from Hostgator after we set up our hosting account.

In there you should find your user and password along with instructions on how to log on to your Cpanel.

Lets go ahead and log on to your host’s Cpanel right now.

1. Scroll down towards the bottom until you find the Fantastico De Lux icon. Click on that.




1. Install On Domain: If you opted for the single-domain “Hatchling” account then there is only one domain name to select on the first field where its says “Install On Domain”

2. Install In Directory: If you want your blog to be on the top directory (Top directory means that your blog will be accessed when you type in your domain name.) then leave this option blank. If you want to have your blog accessed as e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com/blog, then type in the word “blog” or what ever name you want to have after the domain name.

3. Administrator-username: You can use admin or any name you want.

4. Password: Type in a secure password.

5. Admin nickname: Again you can use admin or any name you want.

6. Admin email: This will be the email where you get sent your admin details and where you can reset your password if you forget it.

7. Site Name: This will be the name of your blog

8. Description: Description of your blog will usually go underneath the site name and serve as a tag line.



That’s it. Congratulations! You now have a blog on your own domain. You should also get an email with all the login information so you can access your brand new WordPress control panel where you can start blogging!

Now lets take a quick look at Bluehost.


The steps in setting up a blog with Bluehost is very identical to the Hostgator setup, so the following may be redundant.

One of the difference is that you get to register your domain name with Bluehost for free but they don’t give you an option to pay month to month. Hostgator has the option to pay monthly.


Same drill, type in the domain name you wish to register. The next screen will tell you if your domain is available or not.


If your domain name is available for registration, you will be able to register it with Bluehost for free. Finish filling up the rest of the information and click on Next to finish your purchase.


After you finish your purchase, you will get a confirmation email with all the login information you need to set up your blog.


Log into your Cpanel and locate the WordPress logo shown here. This is a shortcut that goes straight to the WordPress intallation page instead of going through Fantastico (Either way works.)


Same as with Hostgator, fill in the information in the areas to set up your blog.


Click on the terms and conditions check box and then click on Complete to finish installing your blog.

That is it! Easy wasn’t it?

You can set this up in under 5 minutes. Please note that the domain name may not be available for the next 24 hours, so it may not be quite the 5 minutes we promised – Just the installation ;P

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